Q: How do I join and start learning with TorahTutors?

A: Please fill out our application with all the relevant information. Click HERE to apply.

Q: How do I know if TorahTutors can serve my needs?

A: After you apply we will contact you with more information about our programs and if they can meet your needs.

Q: What equipment do I need to use TorahTutors?

A: A computer with internet connection, a webcam, and speakers or headphones.

Q: Who can join TorahTutors?

A: While TorahTutors welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations, it is an Orthodox institution governed in accordance with Halacha. At the moment TorahTutors does not offer any classes to non-Jews. (According to halacha, a Jew is defined as someone with a Jewish mother). If you have any questions with regard to your eligibility please CONTACT US.


Q: Are TorahTutors sessions recorded or live?

A: All TorahTutors sessions are given live by teachers located in Israel and around the world, and broadcast via the Internet. Each one of your sessions will be recorded and available to you via the TorahTutors archive within a day of the session.

Q: How do I get a copy of the source material that my teacher just used?

A: At the end of a tutoring session you will be asked if you want to save the source material to your computer. You can also find the source material posted on your class’s main page. In addition, the source material is included in the archived sessions.


Q: What kinds of time commitment do I have to make?

A: Since our program is focused on the individual needs of the student, we arrange learning sessions according to the student’s schedule. This could be once a week or daily studies.

Q: What hours of the day/night is TorahTutors offering its sessions?

A: Once you tell us what times are most convenient for you we will try our best to find an available tutor or teacher. As long as learning sessions are prearranged and scheduled with the TorahTutors office, our classes are offered at your convenience. Sessions will not be conducted during Shabbat or Yom Tov.


Q: How do I reach tech support?

A: Please email

Q: I am in a tutoring session but I cannot hear or speak.

A: Most likely, you are not yet part of the audio conference. To enable this capability click on the “communicate” pull down menu and select “integrated VOIP.” Next, click on “join conference.” This should allow you to hear and speak. If this does not not help, please contact our technical support by clicking here.

Q: Can my computer run other programs while I am signed in to TorahTutors?

A: Yes, but Skype should be turned off during a shiur for your microphone to work consistently.

Q: I contacted tech-support but I have not heard back.

A: Technical support answers all received emails and calls as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and will address your request as soon as we can!